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BPW Edmonton creates opportunities for members to influence important issues impacting women in Canada. Build lasting professional and personal relationships with like-minded women through events and volunteering.

Member Benefits 

  • Access: A member of BPW Edmonton is automatically a member of BPW Alberta, BPW Canada, and BPW International and is entitled to attend all BPW events. 
  • Networking and Professional Development: BPW Edmonton plans virtual and in-person events throughout the year. Our events aim to foster a supportive network of women and provide resources to continue building leadership skills. View upcoming events here: click here 
  • Volunteering: Consult with students and board members to help craft resolutions. Our resolutions have previously influenced the highest levels of the Canadian government. 

Membership Cost Breakdown

BPW Edmonton hosts an Annual General Meeting to review the synoptic and financial statements from the previous year. The AGM typically takes place in June or July and may be virtual or in-person. All BPW Edmonton members are invited to attend the AGM. Membership fees may increase or decrease from year to year, depending on the fees charged by BPW International, BPW Canada, and BPW Alberta. The remaining membership funds are allocated towards website hosting, year-end professional fees, bursaries, donations, and event costs.

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