Building Sustainable Futures

Building a Sustainable City for Everyone

Currently half of us live in cities and by 2030 more than five billion people will live in cities.   People are being drawn to cities for jobs, innovation and the economy but they can be a place of danger for women.   How do we build a sustainable and resilient city that is safe, healthy and economic opportunities?   It’ll take us working in a collaborative way to address social, economic and environmental impacts.

Event Details: 

When: September 18th, 2020 from 12:15PM-1:45PM
Where: ZOOM

Please email for the Zoom meeting invite.

12:15PM – Introductions & Welcome
12:30PM – Start
12:45PM-1:15PM – Bev Esslinger Presents, with break-out rooms!
1:30PM – Questions & Conclusion

Your Speaker, Bev Esslinger:

Bev was first elected to City Council in 2013 and is now serving her second term. In her first term, she championed the women’s initiative and gender equity including the formation of the first Women’s Advisory Council to provide a voice to women. She works with a variety of women’s organizations to support their work. She also started the Gender-Based Violence Prevention initiative out of a passion to see change and the elimination of violence against women. Her vision is to build a city where every citizen can thrive and make Edmonton a great place to live. Safety remains one of her highest priorities in all areas. She is working on the UN Safe Cities for Women and Girls in Public Places project. A city safe for women and girls is a city safe for everyone!

Currently, Bev is working to ensure that the city’s recovery from Covid-19 includes a she-covery to see women come out of the pandemic stronger.


Please email for the Zoom meeting invite.